Youth Talks
Youth Talks

Episode · 1 year ago

Introducing the Youth Talks Podcast...


Welcome to the Youth Talks Podcast - brought to you by Dylan Baldock MYP and the Surrey Youth Cabinet.

We're here to give a platform to young people in Surrey, sharing their views as well as interviewing guests and breaking down the news.

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Hello and welcome to the Youth Talks Podcast, hosted by me, Dylan, one of the MYPs for Surrey. I am a member of the Surrey Youth Cabinet who represent young people across the whole of Surrey. here you can listen to me interviewing guess and talking about recent events in the news. This is something I' ve wanted to do for such a long time. I wanted to create a platform that would uplift your, voices uplift your opinions, uplift what you have to say and talk about the challenges, we face day to day as young people. You can follow us on twitter, instagram and facebook @ YouthTalksPod to keep up to date and input your opinions on the podcast. Subscribe to the podcast in your regular podcast app to listen to my first episode, that' s coming out soon. Bye for now.

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